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And I still can't get rid of him. ~__~

(that is only ...sorta... a joke)

Jesus fuck that's a long ass time to be making that same stupid joke. (but that's what you're supposed to do when you're together forever right?)

And we're OFFICIALLY *over* half our lives spent together. That is somehow scarier.

In our usual fashion, it'll be boring shit and appointments today. No real plans. It didn't really start with a huge moment (as things rarely seem to) so it seems weird to make it into a big moment (...anymore. Other people love making it into a thing for us, but that is a story for another time).

... and no we're not getting married. I have yet, in 18 years, heard *one* compelling reason to do so. Same with kids.

Anyway. Yup.

The "div" club

There's a weird bug in the LJ iPhone app that replaces the word "figure" [if you're reading in the app, F1GUR3 typed in leetspeak so it shows up properly] with "div".

This confused me for far longer than it should have. I kept thinking (based on whose blogs I was reading and the fact that the term kind of could work in that way, to "div" something out) that I was missing out on some odd new substitution slang based on a pop culture reference I missed. I hated Harry Potter and Pokemon (I was in college trying to survive, they didn't interest me) and miss a lot of movies and whatnot so these are not new experiences - the new verbiage being lost to me. I even went so far as to ask my SO who, while being similarly myopic tends to have a larger friend base and sees trends happen way before I do, so he can explain memes to me as he often saw them start. Anyway, I finally realised it was a bug in the LJ app display and it wasn't a "frack" or "fetch" situation again.

Curious how I only ever assumed it was my failing and not an external issue.

fever, heat wave, melting

Really that's about it. Waiting for a The Boy to get back with Chinese takeout & MCH to come by to borrow our grill for a party she's having.

Just laying in a pool of my own sick sweat. It's awesome.

*weakly waves*


no words.

Rip MrrMrr. 1996-2014

Wish I could have held him one last time. The best kitten ever and the top man in my life.


Holiday cards from me!

Ok! I lost my previous set of xmas cards in a box somewhere, but I bought more. So if you want a non-specific winter holiday greeting card from me, you should send me your address! Either email me subgirl(at)gmail(dot)com

or leave a comment with your info (I am screening comments, will test to make sure it works). \o/

I know several of you I have sent cards to in the past and I have some addresses but I know they're all wrong so if you remember an Edward Gorey card, that was probably me (those were the ones I misplaced, this year's aren't as cool but will do.) so if you've moved in the past three years send me your address again!

Yay not warmness in the northern hemisphere! Flu shots! Flannel sheets! These are things I celebrate (minus the flu shot. OW sleep was AWFUL last night.)

Has NO ONE read the GoT Books but me?


WTF is wrong with everyone?! (Kids are semi-valid excuses, but not entirely acceptable if you read AT ALL)

I am the ONLY ONE I know who has read them all (or past the first one). Most twice & the last one I got the day before it was released.

They are everything good (bad) fantasy should be: murder, gore, dwarves & fucking. Also included: badass ladies, complicated war nonsense, spies, fucking. Bonus content: correctly named architecture, armour, weaponry, ships/ship parts.

It is the best (modern) fantasy world building ever and better (to me) than Lord of the Rings (the endless quest bullshit is annoying). Also, no moral highbrow judgement or subtext. No holier than thou agenda. Believable dialogue and real people. People who fuck up. Who are whiny & self absorbed. Who are motivated by the wrong things but try to be good, or are motivated by good things and try to be bad even! There are few (I would argue zero) outright villains (yes there are characters who are villainous but they have realistic motivations, even if those motivations are base cruelty). The world is enormous and varied and not everyone is white (though the show is fairly WASPy, the books read to me much more varied. I think HBO has something to do with that.)

I seriously thought my friends - I have my FL on Facebook down to the 21 people I actually give a shit about in this world that refuse to leave FB - shared the same interests as I do. At least not reading books over 100 pages that aren't written by Neil Gaiman (snark).

I do know one person who has read at least the first few, but he recently moved to LA & is working on moving his wife & kid there with him from OK. I should email him. I'm feeling very isolated. He was the one who introduced me to GRRM.

Hell, I've given away the first book THREE TIMES how has NO ONE gotten past that one?! It's SO GOOD and it's by far the most boring and predictable one!

AUGH! People! PLEASE! I am very close to ruining my 16 year relationship with qdot over a goddamned TELEVISION SHOW (book). I absolutely CANNOT tell him what happens but it is SO BIG I am losing my shit trying to deal with knowing what happens.

Lest you think I'm being melodramatic or overreacting then 1. You clearly haven't read the books, what is wrong with you?! 2. Ugh just don't. I don't post like this unless I'm serious. This is honestly really really really REALLY upsetting and difficult for me.

I spent the last week with a 101°+ fever after getting 5 enormous needles stabbed into my spine without proper sedation or anaesthetic. Do not talk to me about overreacting. This is just as frustrating. I do not keep secrets. I also do not lie. I am having to do both over a damn TV show because no one can pick up a fucking book. I swear I may just totally fucking ruin it for the next person that mentions the show to get over this.

Also not allowed: judgement of the series based on part of the first book and the show. You are allowed to not be into these kinds of books, but you have to read it to judge it. I can honestly without any doubt say I am not a fan of Neil Gaiman's books because I have actually read them all. There is not enough violence and deceit in them. They're too fairytale. I don't dig fairytales. That said, they're fine toilet reading. Easily digestible and wholly inoffensive. Nothing wrong with that. Not my bag.

Anyway. Please tell me if you have read the books. I am struggling here.

Oh and as far as the surgery last Monday? It sucked motherfucking ass (see above, about the 10" NEEDLES STABBED PAST BONE INTO NERVE CENTRES unsedated and under-anaesthetised), I'm still sick as hell from it and I am pissed about the whole thing. It was not ok.

Thoughts. I have them.

So. I have the thoughts. Not been really great at the expressing them part though. I haven't sketched or written or journaled or anything in ages. I feel weirdly flat and blank when I go to write or draw. I love the feel of paper and pen or pencil and want to interact with people and draw, but for some reason have been just ... Unggghhhh ... About the actual doing of the thing.

It seems to be fairly epidemic and multi-disciplinary as I also can't carry on a coherent conversation in person either.

Body wise I'm fairly consistently broken. I have a spate of appointments next week and feelers out for a couple new doctors to work on this. I've been seeing a Physical Therapist mostly weekly (had to cancel this week because my damn carotid plexus is swollen again. No idea why or what causes it. It's definitely sucky.) and she has both been kicking my ass and fixing it which is awesome. I am much stronger than I used to be, but when you are starting in the negative numbers "stronger" is relative. I am working on titrating off another medication (taking less meds is good.) that I wasn't supposed to be on long term but had been taking daily for ... Years. The only issue with this is the last dose-down turned me into a panic bomb that could go off at any moment. Well I am one all the time anyway, but this was way worse than normal. I have an appointment with crazymeds doc to figure out how to go off without the crazy bomb effect.

Hm. Lets see. Nearly done with roll_of_28 for this year. Unfortunately the community looks dead. Tho two of us are still doing it anyway, just on Instagram and Facebook. Though I am the only one actually tagging my photos there. Oh and they're on Flickr too. I need to edit and organise the last two weeks there.

I think this might be the first year in my history of doing it that I did every day in February. I call this an accomplishment. :) Granted they're not all interesting, but they're pictures. :)

Well. That is an update. Of sorts. Trying to think of anything else to add and just hitting the blank wall. I'm working on it.

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trying. Oof.

Roll of 28, Day 10: Round present

Still super sick with mono. I'm taking pictures but haven't been up to try posting since woquinoncoin fixed my queue status. We'll try again. (posting from the iPhone LJ app) I'll probably try and back-date the previous pics, or will put them all in one post or something. Not sure.

This unnamed-as-of-yet lil guy came home from the pharmacy with qdot as a get well present. We're not exactly sure what he's supposed to be, but he's cute and very round! (and a "he" despite being pink) :)
Photo filtered & squared by instagram.

A story for today's pic:
Today is Setsubun, and I've had some awful luck lately, even more than my usual non-luck. So I thought I'd co-opt some Japanese spring celebrations to help me get over all this. My attempts all year at any sort of celebration have been thwarted so far., so I was determined to at least *try* today. I missed Lunar New Year because of bronchitis, and even the hand calligraphed couplets I had bought a week or more prior to to put around my door for New Year went missing in the mail and only recently showed up. Not to mention the luck-severing things you're not supposed to do on New Year's Kyle ended up pretty much doing all of (he had a long weekend and needed to do laundry and sweep, etc.). *facepalm*

So when I read about Setsubun I was on board. I love soy nuts, so I wouldn't mind getting some to throw out the door/at Kyle and eat the rest. (mamemaki) The other ritual (ehoumaki) is to eat a fat, uncut hand roll with 7 ingredients in silence while facing a particular direction (NNW this year). I love any excuse for sushi, and the miso soup would be nice on my horribly inflamed throat (long story, but it was probably not bronchitis and strep but Mono. Yay.). Sounds pretty simple, right? Well the ever awesome Boy (perhaps guilty for giving me mono and to atone for his laundry? or just for sushi? or all of the above?) went to a nearby Japanese restaurant and got me a futomaki roll, uncut, please.

And then he pulled it out of the bag.

The thing was rubber-banded into the carrier. It felt like at least one or two pounds and is too big to wrap my hand around.


So I had as much as I could eat, in silence, facing NNW, and tapped out. I didn't even eat half. *sigh*

Lets hope my luck gets the point and is understanding.

Next up is bean (or pistachio) throwing. Pistachio? Yeah. Kyle couldn't find roasted soybeans so I got pistachios instead. I read that some places are using peanuts now anyway. So our front door opens into a shared carpeted hallway, so I put the pistachios in a baggie (neatness counts? plus it wouldn't attract pests), and chucked them at oni-Kyle as he left for dinner with friends.

Oof. Well. I hope giving it the ole college try is good enough, because dang I'm tired (and full!) now. It can't hurt. Though Kyle said that with my recent luck I'd get food poisoning from my "lucky roll". >.<

Anyway, happy Setsubun and shoo to all the bad luck and demons! I'm going to bed. :)

[please forgive the lack of a cut, links and probable misspellings and grammar errors. I'm really freaking sick and don't have the energy to fix everything.]

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